I just wanted to send a quick note letting you know how much I enjoyed the course and thanking you for your
time and dedication. It was nice for me to be around other like minded adults, maybe too nice, we got a little
silly. :) My daughters were impressed and a little star struck when they noticed YOU are the author of the nail
biting books. Very cute. I am looking forward to obtaining a COM and will notify you when it's complete. Until
then, I look forward to helping the children at my school with this information.
Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season.
I cannot believe in the year of 2009 that there is a part of our profession that is so new, so rare as orofacial
myology...thanks to you and the others at IAOM, so many people with concerns in this area are able to receive
help. I will have a hard time holding back my excitement in the progress that I have already seen in my clients
since I have started helping others. Thank you so much for your 2-day introduction course to this area. Can't wait
to share at the intensive course… And... I have lots of questions from my experiences as well. I am 53 years
young and am so excited about this new endeavor that I am embarking on!
See you soon!
I can't believe the time is flying. My practice is really growing - I had 3 referrals for tongue thrust last week alone. Janice
and I are e-mailing and calling each other weekly and sharing ideas re: therapy- in fact we just talked this morning! We so
often talk about you! (positively I promise! We always say "What would Sandra do?"). I am just so thankful to you for the
knowledge you have imparted to me - I loved your course and I am still working out the details with my partner so she will
be going too - likely later in the fall. I have told her how fabulous the information was, what a great teacher you were, and
how much better an SLP I am now.
You are terrific at what you do and I am glad we are staying in touch!
I just wanted to follow up and let you know how my presentation at the Dental Society Meeting went. This is an e mail
(forwarded/attached) I received yesterday from one of the pediatric dentists I met with prior to my meeting. The feedback
that I have gotten is great. Many have indicated that this service is needed and they have patients to send to me. Thanks for
the great information and getting me off to a great start. I believe that these Missouri dentist professionals are getting on
board, if they weren't already.
Laura P
I just wanted to fill you in on the journey that I have been on since you inspired me in June. I have been
practicing orofacial myology on some kids at school and have two people I am working on privately, a 15 year old
with open mouth posture and a woman who has a progressive undiagnosed neurological disease, maybe MS.
She has difficulty forming a bolus. My life is very exciting right now and all thanks to you and your course.
I hope you and your business are doing well. I just received the proficiency exam from IAOM.
Thank you,
Elaina M
Oh my goodness!! I am looking at so many patients differently since the course. I am trying out several exercises
with some of them. I'm amazed at how these exercises are working. I am going to have to stop by and buy some
products especially the buttons!! Thank you so much!!
Thanks again for all the work you have done over the past thirty years to create such a powerful and
comprehensive program of orofacial myology. Meeting you and taking the course has been one of the peak
experiences of my life. You have re-ignited the original passion I felt thirty years ago when first introduced to
"Myofunctional Therapy". On the way home Sunday, I called Kim and talked the entire driving time about how
phenomenal the weekend was.
I really need to let you know how much your course has impacted my therapy. I have used more of what I learned in your
course than any course I have ever taken. It really has brought my therapy to a new level. I hope you will add some more
courses for those of us who have already taken the intensive course. I know there is still so much to learn
Thanks Sandra,
Busy, busy with lots of orofacial clients---truly--I LOVE what you taught.
Thanks so much!
So, I had a follow-up session for one of my high schoolers tonight. When I asked her about how often she thinks
about or puts her tongue to spot, she told me that when she is laying in bed to fall asleep all she can hear is the
"lady on the CD" (your voice). I thought for sure I had to tell you that and thought you'd get a kick out of "being
in other people's heads" Thanks for the subconscious CD...you can report that success story to your new OM
I am having a blast with everything you taught me. I look at my patients mouths in a whole new way. I have already referred
4 kids over to our ent for frenulum release:) I have a long way to go before I feel comfortable with everything, but just keep
working on it. I also hope that you are doing well. Take care
I have so many patients now that I am having to turn others away which is a shame. I have two orthodontists
referring to me and that is enough for now. I have an evaluation coming up after we get back from Disney and I
am going to need a package of the ROM rulers.
The OMD work is going very well. I have so many success stories to share - so here are just two - I have 1 child
in particular for whom this is going so so well it is incredible - the change in her physical appearance as she
changes her oral resting posture is amazing. For one other child - referred due to a hyper reflexive gag by the
dentist – 2 weeks after introducing the elevator disk the gag was normalized!!Hope you are well!
Take care.
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop this past weekend. I learned so much, I can't wait to start applying what
I have learned. I am sure I will be contacting you with lots of questions in the near future! Again, I just wanted to thank you for
all of your wonderful insight. This was one of the best, most practical conferences I have attended!
Princeton, NJ 08540
Thank you so much for a great seminar. I learned so much. I have begun to put much of it into practice and feel
so much more confident. I have done several evaluations and have begun several treatment plans. My
orthodontist pal even sent me a child he thought was hypernasal!! You are an awesome teacher and certainly
helped me grow as a person and professional. It seems as though I have a million questions, however I am trying
to answer them myself before I bombard you.
Thanks again and take care,
Janice T
All is well with me. I consult, read, and re-read the Myo Manual every day...what a life saver!! I have so many 8,
9, and 10 yr-olds coming in with major tongue thrust issues. Your course was truly amazing. Hopefully the more I
just immerse myself in it, the more confident I will become in implementing everything you taught!! I heard your
course in NYC was amazing (Joslin said she absolutely loved it!). Hope you're well. I'm sure you're as busy as
Take care,
Jennifer :)
Some of the things I expect to enjoy about providing OM therapy include: the relationship with the patient (something I
enjoy with hygiene), the satisfaction of providing high quality therapy to someone who needs it, having my own business,
seeing completed cases and knowing I had something to do with the success (though most of the success is the patient's!), and
continued learning.
I like that OM is more holistic in its approach to treatment and is non-invasive.
This turned out to be much longer than I expected, but I wanted to share as much with you as I could. I consider
Sandra Holtzman my mentor and friend, and would jump at any opportunity to take a course from her! It is time
and money wellspent! Her course prepared me very well to take the written exam for certification. In fact, in my
test, one question is "What are 6 resources every OM should have in their library?" and Sandra's manual is on
that list. As a hygienist, I liked taking the coursework from a speech-language pathologist for the differences in
our profession. Sandra's ability to express her knowledge of speech to non-speech professionals is excellent! If
you have any other questions, please feel free to write again! If
you are in the Kansas City area, I would be glad to meet you. Not only has Sandra opened up a new field to me,
she has helped me already make three new friends with whom I may share this passion.
Good luck!
We are both doing well and I have seen tremendous growth in our professional presentation since your training.
We also both received our examinations and are beginning to complete the exam. …..it’s refreshing to see how
far I've come in my own professional knowledge in such a short time.
SRH is a passionate and knowledgeable presenter. All activities were hands on and practiced for
better understanding. Her level of knowledge is OUTSTANDING. Every type of multimedia
was utilized! SRH’s experience and expertise paired with her genuine love of what she is doing
to help others is inspiring and contagious. I feel empowered and excited of all the possibilities to
truly make a difference! She’s great!