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We are here to help SLP's, RDH's and DDS's  throughout the U.S. and in other countries. We provide certification training, services and products that offer
solutions to your orofacial myofunctional and "Tongue Thrust" concerns, including:  Lisping, Articulation Disorders, Mouth Breathing, Open Mouth Rest Posture,
Drooling, Thumb Sucking and other oral habits, orthodontic issues, rest postures,  tongue tie (ankyloglossia), certain voice disorders, rehabilitation following
certain surgeries and other conditions. We exist for one reason…to serve you.
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Orofacial Myology
Academy of General Dentistry
Bob Mason
Abnormal neuromuscular muscle patterns associated with inappropriate mastication, bolus formation, and deglutition
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Miologia Orofacial
Si estas interesado en aprender más acerca de este campo en tu idioma  o si te interesa adquirir
elManual de Myologia Orofacial en Español
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