Are all three programs similar?
    Bye Pacifier, I’m Big Now was developed to reflect the needs of the parent and very young child.
    Unplugging The Thumb and Growing the Nails are more similar to one another, but have different
    components that target children who are older than toddlers.     
    The following questions and answers relate to these two programs.

How do these programs work?
    We use audio visual methods that explain the consequences of oral habits and include on-going
    goals that the child is able to achieve. This helps maintain motivation throughout the program...

    They include a Parent Guide with directions and order of presentation, a story about a child who
    makes the decision to quit, and specific items related to each program.

When might you be better off to wait?
    Generally, we suggest waiting if the child is under the age of 4. Although we have had success with
    children as young as 3, they tended to be kids with strong language comprehension and expressive
    skills, characteristics that probably contributed to their success because they were able to reason at a
    higher level than the typical three year old.
    • Four year olds or older children who have significant learning, emotional, behavioral, or medical
    conditions. This could render the program ineffective for them until they are a bit more mature or until
    the difficulty is remediated sufficiently.  
    Anticipated changes on the horizon that will conflict with the child’s or parent’s usual schedule.  The
    parent must choose the right time to start so she/he can be available to share the various “fun aspects
    of the programs.

Is there a recommended upper age limit?  
    The suggested ages are from 4 – 10 years, but there are many children over the age of 10 years who
    have benefited.  A few minor changes can be made to add to the fun for older children, but the program
    steps and main objectives remain the same.

Why can’t I just use bitter tasting solution on my child’s thumb or finger(s)?
    Of course, you can choose to go that route, but I find it unfair and unreasonable to use a punishing or
    distasteful (for sure distasteful!) method.   I feel strongly that a child should be included in decisions
    that involve his life choices.  If the child is the one who decides to quit, the chance of success is
    naturally much, much higher.  If we want positive change, we should use positive methods.   By doing
    so, we are sending a message much stronger and more important to our child… that he has the
    ability to make wise choices, work through difficulties, and achieve success he can be proud of!!
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